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Skin Fade Edinburgh

Are you looking for an easy way to change up your aesthetic and your look? then going for a skin fade might just be what you are missing. From a low skin fade to a high skin fade, various styles exist – with each one offering a different finish that is sure to suit certain people. Interested in changing up your style and going for something that feels refreshing, modern, and new?

Then come on down to Barbros for a fresh 0 skin fade in Edinburgh. We’ve got stores in the West End, in Leith Meadowbank, and in Corstorphine. We’d love to have you down, and with no bookings required you can simply come on down and get an appointment booked up with us today.

0 Skin Fade 

The 0 skin fade has become a very popular choice for guys who are looking for something a bit more trim and stylish. It takes your hair on the sides right down to the lowest level, a 0, leaving your hair fade to be quite literally down to the skin.

It’s a fine choice of hair and one that we see many guys rocking these days. It’s clean, it’s cool, and it’s professional. If you are looking for a hairstyle that changes up how you look without being too radical, then go for the bald fade.

It’s a popular hairstyle as it helps to keep your hair easy to manage, looking smart, and in a very compact and particular shape. If you feel like your hair has become a frustration that limits what you can do with it, then a high skin fade will help to leave you with hair that’s so easy to manage, care for, and look good.

So why not come on down to our Leith shop and book in? With a skin fade in Meadowbank, you’ll have a long-lasting haircut that leaves you looking suave, modern, and stylish.

Bald Skin Fade

This is a haircut with a history that goes as far back as the 1940s – many see it as a US military-style haircut, but it’s a style that people from many backgrounds and lifestyles will go with. While in the past it might have been seen as risky and unacceptable in a professional environment, today men are very much seen with hair like this all the time.

You’ll see guys suited and booted making their way through the streets of Edinburgh with this haircut. It’s become a widely accepted, stylish hairstyle that really helps you to look clean, smooth, and fresh. Whether you go for a low skin fade or a high skin fade, you’ll find that this is a style that suits the modern man.

You’ll be able to get it as low as you want, too, from a 0 skin fade down to a fully bald skin fade. Depending on how intense you want it to be, we can help you to rock the skin fade style to the level you feel most comfortable with.

So, why not change things up and get a skin fade in Corstorphine? Our shops are open and waiting for you to come down and get a look that you can wear with 100% confidence that it suits you down to the ground.

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