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Kids Barber in Edinburgh

As any parent will know, getting their wee one to sit down for a haircut can be a nightmare. Children are often so attentive to their surroundings, that keeping them sitting still for a haircut can be tough. To help you avoid that issue, we look to get you access to a kid’s barber in Edinburgh who excels at keeping your child well and truly attentive during the haircut.

Whether you want to go for something simple or a more creative cut, we’ll help to settle your child down. This helps them to sit at peace and enjoy the experience. Now, instead of having to worry about your child having problems with a haircut gone wrong, you can sit back and relax as we take control. All of our kid's barbers are hand-picked for their ability to help make the atmosphere comfortable and relaxing.

Looking for a fresh trim for the wee man? Make sure to visit your local Barbros:

Your child can then sit down and enjoy the whole experience. We think that this helps to make sure that the haircut is delivered to the best standard. Without having to worry about your child moving into the way of anything sharp, we ensure that you can simply relax while we administer a stylish cut that is of your choosing.

Get the ideal haircut for any young boy

Style matters at all times in our life, especially for a young child making their way through school and social life. If you want to help your child to feel comfortable in their own skin, a nice new haircut can be what they need. We’re clued up with the most common boys' haircuts (Fade Haircuts) that are going around at present, but we can also help your child to find their own style.

Simply tell us what you would like to do, or we can work with you and your child to come up with a solid hairstyle to suit them. Our expertise in picking out a hairstyle that suits your face and your frame removes a big part of the challenge of getting the little man’s hair cut.

Instead of having to fight with him to try and get him to agree to a style, let’s work together. Come on down to our boy's barbers in Edinburgh and Leith, and we’ll make sure they can get a haircut that suits their own sense of style – without going to extremes, of course!

Find the right back to school haircut

When the school year starts back up, you often need to get the essentials in place: bags, clothes, accessories, and of course a hair cut. If you want to help find an Edinburgh barber who can manage a back to school hair that will avoid censure from the staff, then come on down and see us.

We can get you and your child on the chair as soon as possible, and we can then get the haircut delivered in a timely, affordable fashion. If you worry about your child being set from home due to an overly radical haircut, fear not!

We keep things clean, stylish, and professional. If you want to bring out the best in your boy from a hair perspective, let us step in and show you what could be done.

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