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Fade Haircuts Edinburgh & Leith

For guys walking about around the capital of Scotland, it can be easy to feel a bit uneasy about your own look. The sheer variety and diversity of the people that you meet as you go about your daily business is always quite inspiring – but it can be a touch daunting, too. Especially if you start comparing hairstyles. For example, are you noticing a lot of guys with a fade haircut?

Such haircuts are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve got a great collection of fade haircut styles that you could go for if you choose to come on down to our barbershops in Corstorphine, Edinburgh West End, Meadowbank or Penicuik. Why settle with the same old hair cut? Let us change it up for you with something new.

Fade Haircut Styles Edinburgh

You get all manner of fade haircuts styles these days, from the less radical 4 fade haircut to a more intense taper fade finish. The most popular and frequently asked for fades are Low, Mid, High and Tapered.

You’ll probably notice that quite a lot of different designs exist in the fade style, including:

  • Temple fades. These are very popular for those who want a fade haircut. It means that your hair fades quickly as it gets to your temples, and normally includes sideburns. Very slick!

  • Short fades. Short fades are very popular for those who like to keep their hair short but want that cool, creative fade finish. Can be quite versatile, with the fade happening where you wish.

  • Blowout fades. Usually a low fade around the side and the back with plenty of hair still on the top, normally styled upward. A very popular choice for guys with thick, strong hair. Visit your local Barbros in Meadowbank for a fade haircut

  • Beard fades. Want to get your beard involved in that all-purpose look? Then go for a beard fade; this is a very low fade that incorporates a nice fade into the beard, as well.

  • Skin fades. Skin fades take it right down to the very basics, with a skin fade literally going for a 0 style that takes your hair right down to the skin. Very good for those who like a fine finish.

  • Drop fades. Usually starts with a lot of hair on the top, slowly dropping down towards the sideburn area and eventually creating an interesting high fade finish.


Of course, this is just some of the types of fade haircut that you see out there. There are so many unique styles, that it’s better to simply come on down to a Barbros barbers in Edinburgh or Leith and find out what works for you best. Every head shape and personality style will have its own suited fade – so let us help you find yours!

Fade Hair Cuts Near Me

Of course, the best thing to do is to come on down and have a chat with our team. Let us know that you want a fade haircut, and we can show you all of the usual styles that people are going for. Barbros can also show you some of the more radical and out-there styles, from a burst fade design to a classic mid-fade.

We’ll help you to find a taper fade or a specific blend of fade haircut that feels totally right for the kind of guy that you are. So, next time you are thinking of going out for a trim, why not come down and get one with Edinburgh’s resident fade experts in Barbros?

Your hair is often a defining feature of how you look, so let us help you get a look that shows off your best features. With the right fade, we can leave you with a haircut that feels totally right for the kind of person you are.

Get Your Fresh Fade Today

No appointments are required at any of our barbershops throughout Edinburgh West End, Meadowbank, Corstorphine & Penicuik. So just walk in and take a seat while we take care of the rest, you will be offered a drink on arrival either alcoholic or non and asked to wait in our comfortable seated areas.

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