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Beard Trim Edinburgh & Leith

For many men, especially in the winter across Edinburgh & Leith, a beard is essential. Not only is the beard a vintage part of being ‘manly’, but the beard is no longer seen as the choice of the alternative. Once something sported by bikers and roadies, today the beard is a crucial part of how many men style themselves. At Barbros Barbers, we help many guys tame their beards when they begin to get a little out of control.

Make sure to visit your local Barbros if you are looking for a:

And that can happen more often than you might think; it’s quite common for a beard to get rather wild. If you are someone who is used to your beard growing out of control, then you should consider going for a beard trim. Beard trims make the perfect choice if you are looking for something that can keep your beard mostly in shape but avoid getting rid of the full thing.

Dealing with your beard on your own can be a nightmare…

So let us help you avoid any mistakes. Trying to trim a big beard can be tough; all it takes is one slip of the hand and you can ruin the whole thing. Instead of taking the risk, let us show you what you can be doing with your beard.


Our beard grooming service will leave you with an easy way to get your beard matching up with your hair. Whether your beard has simply grown out of control and you need it tidied up, or you are looking for a simple beard fade, we’ll help you to find the solutions that you need.


With our beard trim service in Edinburgh and Leith, you can:

  • Get your beard looking fresh, smooth, and professional once again.

  • Improve the general shape of your beard with a simple, professional cut.

  • Minimise disruption and irritation, getting rid of inconsistency in length.

  • Fade your beard in to match up with the kind of hairstyle you normally go for.

  • Taper your beard to ensure that it no longer feels out of sync with your style.

Get a beard and skin fade that matches your personality

As any Edinburgh male will know, a beard can be very hard to keep in good condition. The dry and cold Scottish winters can often leave us with dry and damaged skin, leaving you with a beard that is far less than the sum of its parts.

If you would like to avoid such an issue, then might we recommend that you take a look at our beard and skin fade service? This can solve that problem.

By having the beard faded in properly, we can make sure that you get plenty of time out of your new beard shape. It will give you a beard that is far more consistent with your hair, avoiding a needless disconnect between your chosen hairstyle and your beard style.

For help from a barber and bead specialist in Edinburgh, though, pop on down to one of our stores across the capital today. We can get you the beard trim that you need, leaving you with a beard that looks excellent. We’ve got barbers throughout Edinburgh, Leith and Midlothian so come on down and get a beard trim that looks fantastic!

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