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Barbers in Edinburgh & Leith 

When you are looking for barbers in Edinburgh, the one thing that you want to know is how consistent the cut is. Finding a barber that can go from being an option to your go-to barbers in Edinburgh takes a lot of work to get it right. While we appreciate that you might not be sure what you want from every haircut you go for, having a barber that you can trust to translate your ideas into reality is so important. And that is why, at Barbros, we are confident we can be the local barbers that you can trust!nWith barbershops all across the capital now, we’ve got a growing list of regulars who come back to us time and time again. Why? Because we take the time and the effort to make every haircut that we do feel personal. If you are wondering ‘What’s the best barbers near me for a consistent cut?’ then you needn’t look any further. With our knowledge of what matters, we can be the barbers in Edinburgh who you know just listens to what you are looking for. Sick of getting a second-rate cut? Then let us show you what we can do with our team today.

We’re local barbers suited to everyone

With a vast range of hairstyles to pick from today, knowing where to begin can be tough. However, with our knowledge of modern hairstyles, we can help you to pick something that suits you.

We tackle everyone from those looking for a hot shave to seniors and kids. So long as you want a haircut, we are more than happy to accommodate you. From a shave to styling through to a trim, we can make sure you get exactly what you came in for: quality haircutting managed by local barbers who listen.

Barbros: The perfect barbers in Edinburgh for those who want specifics

When you go to a barber, you might already have a clear idea of what you want to get done. Barbros has employed a team of barbers who don’t just get the clippers out and start shaving from the minute you sit down. Instead, we listen, we learn what you want, and we make an informed choice about what should look best for you personally.

We take the time to give you advice and feedback, but the decision is always yours. If you have a cut in mind that you want to enjoy, then our local barbers can get to work in making that the case. Just let us know what you think you would suit most, and we’ll get everything in place to give you a clean, professional cut that really makes a difference!

Not sure what suits you best?

Then we can help you with that, too! Our local barbers know the Edinburgh hair scene. We help people from all backgrounds, from young apprentices to experienced professionals, find their look. Stuck with the same haircut for years and want something new, but not sure what is your best look? Then pop in and see us today. Our barbers in Edinburgh will sit down with you and thrash out a clear plan about what kind of hairstyle would suit you best. Feel free to bring photos or any kind of inspiration that you want to show us!

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